Seasons greetings from Daughter Of Eve!

Every bride want’s to know what they should wear next year.

As you know, most bridal dresses do not go “in-and-out” of fashion like day-wear and evening-wear pieces… A very well produced bridal dress such as those made by esteemed designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Sarah Burton to name a few, are age resistant and many original pieces have become collectable.

But whether you are interested in what is trending now and in the next 12 months, or if you are a bride who wants to look totally unique and to free your appearance from popular culture… I suggest that finding a Look that you will love 20 years later should be the most important goal when looking for your dress.

In some ways, Yes – Men are correct to say “you only wear a wedding dress once” and they wonder why we spend so much money and time thinking about it. But NO, the dress is “worn” every time you look at your wedding photo’s. I know that when my children grow up, I want them to think “Mummy looked amazing on her wedding day”

Bisous bisous,

Freya x

Our favorites for 2015
Carolina Herrera “Dorian” gown with Daughter Of Eve accessories (mood-board above)
Carolina Herrera “Constance” gown, (runway-mood below) runway mood for december Blog